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Maestro Alexander Vakoulsky


Alexander Vakoulsky is a highly talented conductor, phenomenal professional with a huge repertoire. One of the most important professional qualities of Vakoulsky is his ability to learn even the most modern scores in a short time. Without any doubt I recommend him to conduct the best orchestras of the world.
Maestro Yevgeny Swetlanov, chief conductor of the State Ac. Orchestra of the Russian Federation

Alexander Vakoulsky with his highest emotional tension, originality of interpretation, great power of personality, together with phenomenal knowledge of the score and brilliant conductor's technique made this concert unforgettable.
Moscow News

Every concert with Alexander Vakoulsky conducting the Turku State Philharmonic Orchstra brings back cherished memories and he did not disappoint me this time. Vakoulsky has the capacity to create an atmosphere in the Concert Hall that awakens all the senses and invites the public to immerse themselves in the music. You can be sure that the conductor knows the healing herbs and is capable of eliminating the impurities. His airy but precise and detailed direction always carries a positive content.

Haydn’s Symphony Nr. 94, nick-named "The Suprise" or "The Symphony with the kettledrum" was a celebration for Vakoulsky. He colourfully characterised every movement. The variations of the andante were of an unsupassed vivacity and the minuet felt that it should be danced to. As a finishing touch, with the precision of the diamond cutter polishing diamonds, he made the finale sparkle.

Finland, Turun Sanomat

The conductor of the Netherland Orchestra is Alexander Vakoulsky, who trained in Leningrad. His interpretation of the Shostakovich brought out the extremes of contrast in every aspect of the work - but not without refinement in the playing. -
I cannot remember such a visually exciting performer
UK: Aberdeen

The strings performed like they were one under this much to Mrawinsky obliged maestro Vakoulsky. The strings sounded beautiful coloured and homogeneous. Beautiful was the symphonic poem "Francesca di Rimini" from Tsjaikovsky. I tell you straight, that in Arnhem, I have never listened before that the music from this Russian grandmaster was performed so throughlived and carried the audience with them such as performed under the leadership of Vakoulsky.
Listening these highly cultivated performance I for a moment ment to be at an performance from the Leningrad Philharmonic Orchestra.

The Netherlands: Arnhemse Courant 22

L’Orchestre, dirigé de main de maître par Alexander Vakoulsky, était impeccable. Les Solistes brillaient, l’ensemble ne manque pas d’allure. Un très bon orchestre.
- Un concert-jubilé enchanteur -
- Un concert d’ une très haute qualité -
- Un plaisir pour les oreilles -

France: La Montagne

Maestro Vakoulsky created almost a miracle with our orchestra. Seldom did we hear them play in such unity and with so much dedication, with a good soloist performance.
Exactly so should a symphony concert end, with a symphony that shakes you, enchants you, terrifies you and – above all, moves you. That was what happened in the concert of Thursday.

Finland: ABO news

- Maestro with a big M -
The dynamic and agogic gradatios worked unpredictable good and the dosing of the pathosindicatios were given at the right places. This is essential for the romantic music of Dvorak.

Finland: Turku Saamat

Alexander Vakoulsky is his own way a very personal conductor. He has something reminiscent of conductors of the period after World War II, such as Otto Klemperer and Jevgeni Mravinski. In the tradition of our time, Vakoulsky’s intimate knowledge of symphonic form and structure gives the orchestra an impressive and vibrant sound; wheter in pianissimo, scupted crescendo or an explosive forte. Typical is the strong sound discipline of the orchestra à la Mravinski, but most of all the totality of the sound picture.
In the hands of Vakoulsky, the first symphony of the Sibelius really got an Russian accent. The orchestra played Sibelius as if it were Tjaikovsky. This interpretation of the Symphony is much closer to Sibelius’ thoughts than the airy, transparent, northern and Finnish performances of het last decades of the 20th century. From the first to the very last movement Vakoulsky kept a firm grip on the inner tension of the Symphony, leading up to the culmination of the finale. His interpretation is based on the accents of the broad leading motifs. The Slavonic treatment of the music implemented an impressive finale.
The dialectics and the absolute purity of the highlights of the themes of the symphony brought to me my memories of the legendary registration of Brahms’ 4th symphony conducted by Otto Klemperer.

Finland, Turun Sanomat

- "MUSIC shall untune the sky" wrote the poet Dryden. Had he heard the breathtaking perfomance by the Dutch Jeugdorkest Nederland, he might have added a line about it unhinging the emotions. -
- it was in Shostakovich’s Symphony no 5, conducted by Alexander Vakoulsky, that the orchestra displayed a magic and vitality too often absent in many professional orchestras. -
- A magic performance which sent shivers down the back. -

UK: The Scotsman

The sixth symphony of Tsjaikovsky was played with impetuousness and strong dramatic art, it even made me forget at the end of a longue warm evening that this symphony was never my favourite. The purety of Vakoulsky’s performance, whitout any sence of sentimentality and with the clear dynamic variegate by which he built up his climaxes, took care of an interpretation which carried the audience with him.
The Netherlands: Trouw

Mozart’s opera "the Magic Flute" performed in the Steengroeve in Winterswijk (openair) under the leadership of maestro Alexander Vakoulsky was an unforgettable event.
The Netherlands: Deventer Dagblad

Alexander Vakoulsky, the guest-conductor present, has moved the public in a special way. Bravo-cries sounded already after the openingnumber and after the concert he rewarded the applauding public with an extra number, the Valse Triste of Sibelius.
Vakoulsky’s style of conducting is sensitive and low in ostentation. He has the courage to disengage himself from needless indicating of the beat, concentrating instead on the modelling of the musical lines. Especially in the "Classical Symphony"of Prokofief he seemed now en then just to stand and listen. It really sounded briljant, airy and stylisch. The fast themes presentend themselves with a precision that never failed and the sound of the orchestra was in balance. Vakoulsky knew how to characterize the different parts of the symphony. The little jokes of the first part really did make you smile.

Finland: Turkunews

Alexander Vakoulsky is the discovery of "the Moscow stars festival".- The State Academic Orchestra of the Russian Federation sounds perfect under his leadership. Such a high quality performance of the music of Robert Schumann demands a high-souled personality.- Vakoulsky is a great stylist with a deep feeling for the music of this german composer.
Russia: Moscow evening